Terms and Conditions

Please read carefully all the mentioned terms and conditions along with the privacy policy before you use the site. It is mandatory to accept all these terms and conditions and in case of any conflict with the document, the terms and conditions will be given the privilege over the document. You must not use the site for purchase if you do not agree with the privacy policy and the terms and conditions.

Shipping Policy

Our aim is to provide you with the most reasonable prices on the products that you buy from Rare Rabbit. However, it does not mean that products will be cheapest in the region, city or geography. The availability of the products and the prices can be changed without any prior notice. Rare Rabbit aims to provide accurate pricing of the products, but there is a possibility of error in pricing or typography of the product. There is a possibility that a product gets listed with incorrect information or price because of some technical errors. In such instances, Rare Rabbit will either contact you or may simply cancel the order(s) and then notify you. Rare Rabbit will have the authority to alter the price of the product and will use your email address given by you at the time of registration, to notify you about the made changes. Rare Rabbit will also have the authority to cancel your order(s) and will inform you about the cancellation. Rare Rabbit will debit the applicable money from your account in case of acceptance of your order. This debit might be done prior to the dispatch of the product ordered by you. In instances where the order(s) gets cancelled after the payment is processed, you shall be given an in-store credit to your registered account.

Delivery Charges

Rare Rabbit provides free shipping for all the orders which includes the replacement as well. A maximum of three attempts will be made by Rare Rabbit to deliver your product. In instances where the customer is unable to accept the order or is not reachable, Rare Rabbit reserves the authority to cancel the order(s) and an in store credit shall be given in the customer’s authorised account.

Cancellation by Bagzone

There might be occasions when we are not able to accept the order(s) and must cancel. In such cases, we, at our discretion, reserve the right to cancel the order because of any reason. Instances that might lead to these cancellations could be unavailability of the required quantity of products for purchase, error in the information regarding the price, or any problem detected by our department of credit and fraud avoidance. We may also request for the additional information or verifications before the acceptance of the order. You will receive a call from us if your order(s) is entirely or partly cancelled or if we need any additional information before accepting your order. If your order(s) gets cancelled after the payment is done then you shall be given an in store credit to your registered account.

Cancellations by Customer

If a request has been raised to cancel an order(s), Rare Rabbit has the right to decline this request because of any reason. If the cancellation notice has been given before the processing is done, Rare Rabbit shall initiate the cancellation process and an in store credit shall be given in your registered account. However, we might not be able to accept your request of cancellation if the order(s) has already been processed. Rare Rabbit has the sole discretion to decide if the order has been processed or not. The customer must agree that they will not dispute the decision made by Rare Rabbit and will accept the cancellation decision made by us.

Credit Card/Debit Card/Internet Banking

You need to agree that all the details provided by you to Rare Rabbit, which includes debit card details/ credit card details and internet banking details, are correct and they are owned by you. To avail any services from Rare Rabbit, you must use your own credentials. All the said information provided by you will be kept confidential and will not be shared with any third party by Rare Rabbit. It can only be shared in case of any verification needed for fraud, court order or regulation. It will be your liability that no card fraudulency is done with your card and the obligation to prove otherwise shall be yours exclusively.


All the mentioned information provided by Rare Rabbit has been published in good faith. If you take any action based on the information published at our website, you do it at your own risk. Rare Rabbit will not be liable for any losses you incur as a result of using our website. We do not take any responsibility for our website or functioning of our products. We are not responsible if you don’t find the content or the material of the products/services timely, uninterrupted or secure. We do not warrant that the available website is free of viruses or other harmful components. You use our website at your own risk and the full responsibility for any damage will be yours. We will not be held responsible (partly/completely) for any kind of damage. If the delivery of the products is delayed or you suffer any loss or damage because of Acts of God, Rare Rabbits shall not be responsible for the timely delivery of the order. We shall not be held liable for any of your loss due to delayed delivery. We cannot be held liable in any case of direct, indirect, consequential, incidental, special, exemplary or punitive losses or the action of causes, lost profit or revenue, lost business sales, or other damages whether it is strict liability or contract caused by your ability or inability to use our website or its functionality.  We will not be responsible for the content or performance of our website or its functionality even if we have been told about the possibility of any such damages. None of our associates including the agents, suppliers, directors, contractors, officers or other employees including their respective services can be held liable for any of your losses.

Disclaimer of Warranty

All the services, contents and products that have been published on our website are without any warranty of either implied or express and are not limited to the associated warranties of all the merchantability and appropriateness for specific purpose, security, title, accuracy or non-infringement.

Apart from the consumer protection law, Rare Rabbit, under no circumstance, will be responsible for any damage or loss caused due to customer’s dependency on the information published on the website. It is the sole responsibility of the customer to assess the accuracy and usefulness of the information and contents published on the website. Kindly take professional’s advice, if needed, for the evaluation of any service, product, opinion or other content.


The logos, trademarks and service marks used on the website are the property of Rare Rabbit and other respective people. Users are not allowed to use it for any purpose but can be used only for meta tags on other pages or sites anywhere in the world only after obtaining the written permission of Rare Rabbit or third party that may own the marks. The contents, software programs and other information available on the website is protected by copyright. Users are prohibited from any publishing, modifying, displaying, copying, transmitting, distributing, licensing, selling or creative derivative works to use for public or commercial purposes.


Rare Rabbit reserves the authority to collect taxes associated with the shipping charges (if applied).


In cases where any of these conditions are considered void or invalid or unenforceable, the parties must agree that the intentions of the parties should be endeavoured by the court as suggested in the provision. Any unenforceable condition shall not affect the enforceability or validity of remaining condition if they are deemed severable. Special promotional offers will be offered by Rare Rabbit from time to time. It may or may not apply to your Rare Rabbit account. In case you want to use any such promotional offers, you’ll need to agree to additional terms and conditions associated with these special offers laid down by Rare Rabbit. Your relationship with Rare Rabbit and the terms and conditions will be governed by the applicable laws in India. If Rare Rabbit somehow fails to act in regard to a breach by customers, it will not relinquish its right to act to similar or subsequent breaches. There is no guarantee offered by Rare Rabbit that any action will be taken against breaches to the terms and conditions. There shall not be any third party beneficiaries to these terms and conditions except it is expressly mentioned in the terms and conditions.These terms and conditions account for the whole agreement between Rare Rabbit and you and also governs your use of the site overriding any previous agreements between Rare Rabbit and you regarding to the site.

Refunds Policy

The cash shall not be refunded in any case, including but not limited to the following:

  • If the delivered order is different from the original order or due to any defects in the order

  • Technical errors resulting in the non-processing of the order

  • The order gets cancelled

In any of these circumstances, the customers shall be given an in-store credit. In store credit implies the credit of the account to the customer’s registered account (the shipping charges and the taxes will be excluded). The customers can use it in their next online purchase through our website. In case the customer does not have an account on our website, the amount shall be credited for getting the in-store credit.

Returns Policy

​If the customer is not happy with the order because of any sort of damage, or the order being different from the original order or the size of the product is not what they needed, the customer shall contact the customer service by sending an email at info@therarerabbit.com. The final decision whether the product needs to be replaced or not shall be taken by the company and shall be communicated to the customer. The defective order must be sent with the original receipt and a return authorization number. There won’t be any refund of the postage and other charges. Please note that the product shall not be used, shall have the product tags, shall be in a saleable condition and proper packaging shall be used while sending them for refund. It will take approximately 7 days from the day your parcel is received for us to process your refund request. You will be informed about the decision whether the request of refund has been accepted or rejected. If there is any damage due to mishandling or neglect of the product, it may not come under Returns Policy. Any special rules like the one for promotional offers may result in the override of this policy. In any circumstance, the company will be the final decision maker about the returns and refunds of the order.​